Battle of Beacons Eddystone vs iBeacon

1. Beacons, iBeacon & Eddystone…. simplified2. What is a Beacon?  Beacons are small devices that emit signals using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) aka Bluetooth 4.0.  Made by many companies and come in various shapes, sizes and prices.  Range: Up to 70 m | Battery life: Up to 3 years.  Beacons can be stuck on walls without any wiring.3. Who makes Beacons? Some of the Beacon makers….4. How beacons work5. Beacon software There are currently two major software frameworks that are being used with these devices. Apple iBeacon – released in June 2013 Google Eddystone – released in July 2015 Most of the existing beacons can be made Eddystone compatible with just a firmware update.